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Tax consultancy is a matter of trust

You are planning to work abroad or are already performing as an expatriate in Germany for your company? You are moving to Germany to work as an employee at a German company?

You are a foreign company that shapes the success-strategy for its business in Germany or a parent compnay that establishes a subsidiary in the German market?

The execution requires a mature concept an sustainability. Sometimes as well it needs the proper dialog partner and advice from a local expert. Basis for qualified advice in the filed of international taxation and business administration is my education, professional experience and consistent vocational training:

• academic studies in the area of business administra-
   tion in Munich and Cologne, Germany
• detailed management experience for many years in
   mid-market enterprises with successful expansion of
   their business in foreign countries
• Official examination in taxation, as well as public
ment as a certified tax consultant
• advanced training on international tax laws and

The goal of my consultancy is to provide advice specifically tailored to your needs and expectations. My advice is fully independent and self-responsible in representing your interests.


- Public Chamber of Tax Consultants Nuremberg

- International Fiscal Association - German section

- Bavarian Association of Tax Conultants and Certified Auditors