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financial accounting

Determine the level of service to meet your requirements. I offer service in accordance with your own needs:


•  You handle financial accounting according to German GAAP by yourself? Local service by a qualified accountant is required to enter the data into your ERP/finance software? In that case I accept your completed accounting results to calculate the tax charges and deliver the tax return to the fiscal authorities in Germany. In addition I may support you at the recruitment of administrative staff in Germany. As well we can procure qualified temporary freelancers.

If you seek full accounting services including continuous and responsible taxation support by a certified tax consultant, I will support you and keep you entirely free to concentrate on your business.

Whatever your requirements, please feel free to contact me.Together we can define a tailored solution to meet your needs. The total range of services offered includes:
financial accounting and open item accounting
services as tax representative to fulfill VAT requirements: return on valued
  added taxes (VAT) and European saleslisting ( ESL)
assets accounting
• management reporting and keyperformance indicators
• annual financial statement accordingto German GAAP or IFRS standard
• obligatory publication of financial statement at the official German business
et cetera